Portraits, Still Lives and other Genres
This page has thumbnails of my paintings, both figurative and semi-abstract.

To view larger images of these works, please click on the thumbnails.

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Still Life, Renewed
Still Life with Politicians Trojan Horse
Mythical Still Life
Portrait of Judy Done
Portrait of Robert Wardrop Helen and Brian Young
Still Life, Apples and Pears 3 bad visual puns. Sorry! Still Life, with Pewter Mug
Portrait of Bernie Fraser The Card Players of Sorrento Toby on Capri
An Unnatural History of Australian Fauna and Flora Still Life, Oranges and Pears
St Catherine
Young Woman Portrait of a Young Poet
Woman In Blue
Portrait of a Young Girl
Portrait of a Young Man Sleeping Goddess
Cartoons from the 1950s
3 Drawings
The Secret Garden
Seated Nude Dancing Nude
Three Roses
Portrait of Geoffrey Blayney as a traveller in Space and Time Circle of Roses
Still Life with Oranges and a Teapot Still Life, with Apples and Grapes
Red Still Life
Sailing Boat, Turkey Skyros, Musicians
Wild Flowers, Skyros
Fishing Boats, Hobart
Transporter 12

Girl with Flowers
The Rainbow Bird
Piano Trio
The Golden Nude
Black Prince
Two Compositions... on the Golden Section
Feeding the Fish, Cottage Point The Lion King
Still Life with lamp, teapot and pears