Political Satire
This page has thumbnails of my satirical and political works, both paintings and computer generated images.

To view larger images of these works, please click on the thumbnails.

If you wish to make enquiries about purchasing prints of these works, please visit the "contact me" page.

Scomo believes in Miracles
Still Life with Politicians The Donald
Fake Reflection of a Narcissist
Peter Dutton
Sir Tony Abbott
A Happy Family of Online Trolls
The Triumph of Turnbull Bill Shorten
Puppy Love Captain Australia The Evil Senator Conroy

The Demons of Wall Street
Big Al, the Enlightened One
Homeless Alone
The Martyrdom of Pauline Hanson Deadly Leaders of the 20th Century The Shamrock Crown
Sweet Julia Senator Bob Brown
Tony, the Abbott
Ke-Vin-0.7, the Machine Man from Queensland
Saint Kevin the Humane
The Termillard
Grandmother and Child
Cops and Lawyers Stop Climate Change
Cheryl American Pitbull Comrade Kim
Tony Abbott's Communications Policy The new, New Julia Julia and the Faceless Men
Multifunction Poli Maralinga Mabel at the Opera House
The Banks
Transporter 12. The Final Package Globalism
The Investor
The Trickle-Down Effect
Obama Rising
An Unnatural History of Australian Fauna and Flora
The Donald
Fake Reflection of a Narcissist