Travel Photos
One of the great joys of travelling for me is the chance to take photos of wonderful locations. Just click on the names of the places in the list below to take you to the relevant pages of pix.
In October, 2018, I visited Hong Kong for two weeks.
In April/May, 2018, I spent two weeks exploring the beautiful towns on Sicily, and then I visited Rome and Naples for the next two weeks.
In January, 2018, I visited Hong Kong for 11 days.
In October, 2017, I spent almost four weeks travelling in Spain and Portugal. I had a great time. To see the photos from that trip just click on the link below.
In May and June of 2017, I spent about a month travelling in Poland, the Baltic States, Finland and Russia. It was a fascinating experience. Click on the Eastern Europe link below and it will take you to the appropriate page.
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Sicily, 2018 Rome and Naples, 2018
Spain and Portugal, 2017 Eastern Europe 2017
Europe 2016 Vietnam 2013
Northern Italy 2014 Turkey 2008 A
China 2012, Page 1 Turkey 2008 B
China 2012, Page 2 Turkey
England 2011 Seoul 2008
Paris 2011 A Australia
Paris 2011 B Hong Kong
Italy 2009 A More from Hong Kong
Italy 2009 B Chi Lin Nunnery HK
Italy 2009 C