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I did a day trip to Zamora from Salamanca. It was a pleasant one hour bus drive each way.

Zamora might not be large but it has some great things to offer. It has the most Romanesque churches in Europe, and the Cathedral here is a wonderful example of this style of architecture.

The Old and New parts of Zamora are divided by the Duero River.

Duero is the Spanish spelling of the river. The Portuguese call it the Duoro. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Porto in Portugal. Later in my trip to Spain and Portugal, I went on a river cruise along the very last sections of this lovely, meandering river.

Another view of the Duero River.
This is the Church of San Juan.
These two sinister, dark figures from the past stand in front of the Church of San Juan.
A portal in the Church of San Juan. A lovely example of Romanesque decoration.
This is the Ayuntamiento of Zamora. Dr Google tells me that it means the Town Hall. It is in the same pleasant square as the Church of San Juan.
The sign said that this was the Palace of Justice.
I took a slight detour from the main road to see the Duero River, and I came across this passageway on my way towards the Cathedral.
A view of the main tower of the Cathedral of Zamora from the South, close to the river bank.

The Cathedral was consecrated in 1174.

The Romanesque dome of the Cathedral.
The Bishop's Portal of the Cathedral.
The Cathedral is full of exquisite little Romanesque treasures like this figure of Christ.
Not sure, but I think that this may be an Ascent Unto Heaven.
Interior of the Cathedral of Zamora. The simple and quiet dignity of Romanesque architecture.
A side chapel with the Holy Mother and Child. It has more than a hint of the Plateresque style.
I think that the rectangular structure in the middle of this photo is called a Rood or Chancel Screen. From the Plateresque decoration, I would surmise that it is a later addition to the Cathedral.
A detail of the painting on the Chancel Screen. Salvador Mundi (Saviour of the World).

I suspect that this may have been painted by a Flemish artist,

Figures carved into wood.
The Cathedral Museum has a large collection of tapestries.
This old fort is a reminder of the turbulent past of Zamora. It has been at the centre of many battles between Moors and Christians, and in the wars between the varous kingdoms of Portugal and Spain.
An ancient gateway which was part of the old defensive walls of Zamora.
We end our visit to Zamora with a closer view of the bridge across the Duero River. And we look forward to seeing that river again later in Porto, Portugal.
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