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I paid a short visit in March 2007 to my old hometown, Hong Kong. This was the season of mists so it may not have been the best time for landscape photos, but it did provide me with this romantic view of Green Island, which is just to the West of the harbour. I shot it from the stern of an old ferry, coming back from Cheung Chau Island.
This is the traditional gateway beside the Monastery on Lan Tau Island, looking up towards one of its peaks. As a boy scout, I used to spend days at a time, clambering over these hills, and spending the nights in a small tent, or staying at an old Monastery.
This is the interior of the new Monastery on Lantau Island. Here you will find the largest outdoor statue of a seated Buddha in South East Asia.
The harbour on Cheung Chau Island.
The old clock tower of the Kowloon Railway Station.