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Canterbury Cathedral.
The Nave of the Cathedral. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of friendly and well-informed volunteer guides who were happy to give us the benefit of their knowledge about this great Cathedral.
The beautifully decorated and well-proportioned pulpit.
Towards the High Altar.
The Cloisters of the Cathedral.
Heraldic shields decorate the ribbed ceiling of the Cloisters.
The West Gate is one of the original towers of the City of Canterbury. The River Stour flows past it.
This is the crypt of the ancient Hospital of St Thomas of Canterbury. It wasn't a hospital in the modern sense. Rather, it was a place of hospitality for pilgrims who flocked to Canterbury after the canonisation of St Thomas Becket, the Martyr. The Hospital is on the road leading towards the Cathedral Gate.
Energetic young touts try to sell you trips on the river.
The Cathedral Gate.
Heraldic emblems on the Cathedral Gate.
A final glimpse of Canterbury Cathedral.